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How to Use The Caravan Inverter

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What does an inverter do?

Simply, the inverter converters DC to AC. In our case, it converts the 48V in to 240V. It gives you 240V power.

When do I need to turn the inverter on?

You should only turn on the inverter when you require 240V power. The rest of the time, it should be turned off to conserve battery power, as the inverter consumes power even when it is on standby.

What Appliances use 240V in the caravan?

Induction cooktop, Aircon, Washing Machine, Fridge (It will go between 240V and 12V Automatically, depends on which one is available), Microwave, Hot Water Service, And any thing you plug into the power point sockets (All power point sockets have no power if there is no 240V available)

How many appliances or what appliances I can used in the caravan or what size of the inverter?

In a caravan with a 3000W inverter, you can use appliances like a coffee machine, kettle, hairdryer, air conditioner, and hot water service. But remember, you can’t use them all at once if their total power exceeds 3000W. To check if the inverter can handle your appliances, look at the gauge on the control panel. It shows the usage as a percentage. The more appliances you use, the higher the percentage will go. If it reaches 100%, it means you’re using the full 3000W capacity. Going over 3000W will cause the inverter to shut off. In that case, you’ll need to turn off some appliances and plan your power usage more wisely.

Why I can not turn my inverter off?

If the shore power or generator is plugged into the van, you cannot turn off the inverter as it will automatically turn on by itself

Do I have to turn the inverter on to charge the van from shore power or generator?

No, it will turn on itself as soon as you plug the shore power into the van

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