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Storing Your Caravan

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Storing your Harvok caravan after your adventure can be challenging, especially when you’re tired from a long drive and just want to rest. Here are a few things to consider when preparing your caravan for storage until your next adventure:

Battery / Control Panel:

  • Lithium batteries prefer not to be stored at full charge. It is recommended to keep the State of Charge (SOC) between 40-60% during storage for optimal battery health.
  • Disconnect the mains power.
  • Turn off the caravan, refer to “How To Turn The Caravan On And Off


  • It is highly recommended to clean your caravan before storing it. Clean the roof, solar panels, exterior walls, and wheels. Also, give a thorough spray underneath the chassis to remove any mud or dirt buildup. This will help you identify any repair needs and maintain optimal solar power.

Water Tanks:

  • Drain all water tanks before storage.


  • Refer to the toilet cassette manual for proper cleaning and storage instructions.

By following these steps, you can ensure your caravan is well-prepared for storage and ready for your next adventure.

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