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How To Use Hot Water Service

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How to turn the hot water service on?

Hot Water service is 240V Appliances, electric only.

  1. You will need to either have the caravan plugged in to shore power/generator or turning the inverter on to power the 240V Appliances
  2. Make sure to turn the water supply is on to avoid dry burning to the inside of hot water water service
  3. Making sure you have done above and then turn on the Hot Water Service
    • Early PowerBank Model with A7 Screen, The button integrated in the screen.
    • 2022 Monocoque Model, the button is located on the control panel, one of the four white buttons label “Hot Water Service”
    • 2023 Monocoque Model, A black button at convenience location near hot water service

What is the water capacity/size of the hot water service?

The 20L Swift hot water service has a tank that holds 20L of hot water. When you use it, the hot water flows through a temperature valve where it mixes with cold water. This mixed warm water is then supplied to all the taps in your system.

When should I turn the hot water service on and off?

It is recommended to turn on the hot water service 30 minutes before you plan to use it and then turn it off after use. This appliance operates at 1000W, so it’s important to avoid wasting power when it’s not in use. Here’s how it works: The hot water service heats up the water in the tank to a certain temperature. If you don’t use the hot water immediately, it may cool down, and then the service will heat it up again. Leaving the hot water service on overnight will result in repeated heating cycles, which will waste power when you don’t actually need it.

Manual can be found here

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