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Essential Services

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Discover tranquillity with our Cap Price Service, offering you complete assurance without unexpected expenses. This comprehensive service covers a meticulous examination and maintenance of vital components, including the chassis, suspension, brakes, bearings, and running lights. Caravan brakes and bearings, prone to the most wear and tear, require regular attention, typically every 10,000 kilometres or more, depending on the terrain and road conditions. We offer two service options, tailored to your caravan’s mileage and maintenance needs.

Standard Service: (Recommend initial 300-1000Km or interval between major service or before long trip)
1. Clean & repack wheel bearings
2. Check wear on brake shoes, and adjust brakes including handbrake
3. Check tyre wear & pressure, wheel nuts & studs
4. Check rear lights and brake all working
5. Check chassis for cracks and all torqued bolts
6. Check coupling & chains
7. Check power system malfunctions
Advanced Service includes standard service Plus: (Recommend every 10,000Km)
1. Check Suspension bushs and shockers
2. Check Shackles, chain and coupling
3. Grease coupling & nipples
4. Check breakaway system & jockey wheel
5. Check & lubricate stabiliser legs
6. Check Spring & Suspension
7. Check Spare Wheel/s
8. Check Smoke larm & battery
9. Inspect hot water system & anode
10. Inspect Awning & Vinly
11. Inspect Cabinet & window Latches
12. Inspect all roof seals
13. Check all appliances including Fridge, freezer, microwave, air-con
14. Check 12V appliances include lights, TV, water pumps, USB, & 240 Sockets
15. Check battery system includes Solar check, System check, 12Pin and Anderson.

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