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Service Schedule

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Service Time Interval:

1000Km/ 3 Months

10000Km/ 1 Year

20000Km/ 2 Year

30000Km/ 3 Year


Every 10,000 Km or every year whichever the one comes first

Essential Checks At Each Service

  1. Chassis and Running Gear:
    • Inspect the caravan chassis for signs of cracks or damage.
    • Check the suspension components, including springs, shock absorbers, and bushes, for wear or damage, and check torque.
    • Lubricate any grease points in the suspension system.
    • Check and adjust the wheel alignment if necessary.
    • Inspect the braking system, including brake pads, drums, and cables. Adjust or replace as needed.
    • Check the condition of tires, including tread depth, sidewall damage, and proper inflation. Rotate and balance if required.
    • Inspect and lubricate the jockey wheel and corner steadies.
  2. Electrical System:
    • Test the leisure battery and charging system, ensuring proper voltage and charging capability.
    • Inspect and test all electrical connections, switches, and sockets for functionality.
    • Check the condition of cables and wiring for any signs of wear, damage, or loose connections.
    • Inspect and test the electrical control panel, including fuses and circuit breakers.
  3. Water System:
    • Inspect the water pump for proper functioning and pressure.
    • Check for any leaks in the water system, including pipes, taps, and connections. Repair or replace as needed.
    • Clean or replace water filters and ensure proper water flow.
    • Inspect and sanitize the freshwater tank.
    • Test the operation of the hot water system, including the heating element and valves.
  4. Appliances and Equipment:
    • Test and inspect all onboard appliances, such as the refrigerator, air conditioner, heating system, and microwave.
    • Clean and maintain the ventilation systems, including air vents and extractor fans.
    • Inspect and clean the flue and chimney of gas appliances.
    • Check the operation of any entertainment systems, including TV, radio, and speakers.
    • Inspect and test any motorized components, such as motorized awnings or steps.
  5. Bodywork and Seals:
    • Inspect the exterior bodywork for damages
    • Check all seals, including window seals, roof seals, and door seals, for wear or damage.
    • Clean and lubricate door and window hinges, locks, and handles.
    • Inspect and maintain any awnings or sunshades, ensuring proper operation and tension.
  6. Safety Checks:
    • Test and replace, if needed, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers.
    • Check the operation of safety features, such as emergency brake, break away unit, electric brake, 12Pin plug, lights and wheel Torque
    • Inspect and test the operation of the caravan’s security system, including locks.

Torque Table (Harvok Suspension)

LocationBolt Head/Nut SizeTorque
Wheel nuts140Nm
Hitch (DO35)M1290Nm
Suspension main shaftM37190Nm
Suspension shaft AnchorM1044Nm
Shock absorbersM1035Nm
Electric Backing PlateM1044Nm
Toe Adjustment HandleM8Hand Tight *Don’t over tighten

Cruisemaster Suspension:

Resources can be find here: Downloads

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