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Towing Charge Via “Anderson” Style Plug

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Your Harvok® electric caravan fitted with a 120amp Anderson style plug. This is used to charge your caravan from towing vehicle alternator. 25mm cable is used

Why 120Amp Plug and 25mm Cable used on the caravan?

A DC-DC Charger/Converter is installed inside of your Harvok® electric caravan, It can support up to 1200W/100amp in 12V. However, the DC-DC charger is not going to pull power out of your tow vehicle alternator, it simply takes whatever your vehicle alternator is capable of producing. In other words, the DC provides a channel with maximum 100amp@12V to allow power passing through.

Tow vehicle Setup Recommendation:

  • The in-vehicle DC-DC charger is not recommend, it will interfere with in-caravan DC-DC that is already installed as standard
  • Install a relay in your tow vehicle that prevents caravan from drawing power from the tow vehicle
  • Install a 120amp “Anderson” style plug to your towing vehicle
  • Using the correct size of cable to run from alternator to the 120amp plug on the back of your towing vehicle.

* Auto electrician is recommended to do the job. The size of cable depends on the capability of the alternator and length of the cable

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