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General Maintenance And Care

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Regular care and maintenance is critical in protecting the longevity of your caravan to give you stress free adventures for years to come. Here are some maintenance tips to provide the best care for your Harvok® caravan.

Internal care and maintenance

  • Prevent mould growth by providing airflow through caravan regularly, especially if left in storage for prolonged periods.
  • Place dehumidifying crystals/moisture absorbers or a dehumidifier in the ensuite and kitchen. This can assist in preventing condensation, particularly during the colder months.
  • Do not leave wet or damp material to sit for long periods of time.
  • A damp cloth can be used to clean small spots and dirt.
  • Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners on leather surfaces. Use purpose leather cleaners if required.
  • Avoid pouring anything other than liquids into drains. Do not pour oil or grease down drains as this can lead to blockages when they solidify.

External care and maintenance

  • Keep exterior surfaces clean and free of mud or dirt for prolonged periods to prevent rust.
  • Use touch up paint if paintwork becomes chipped or damaged from gravel chips during travel.
  • Regularly check that sealant and rubber seals around exterior panels/windows/doors/hatches are not damaged to prevent water ingress.
  • Wash external surfaces using a soft sponge with soft soap and water. Rinse thoroughly after washing. Pressure washer can be used but avoid vents & concentrating high pressure onto one spot.
  • Keep in dry shaded storage if possible. A caravan cover can be used, remembering to take off after rain to dry out and prevent humidity.
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