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Caravan Pre-Travel Check List

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We have provided this checklist as a summary of important items to check before your travels, including crucial safety checks. Please ensure you follow all checks carefully.

  1. 12-PIN & Anderson Plug Connection:
    • When the trailer is connected to the towing vehicle, make sure to connect the 12-PIN plug and Anderson plug to the caravan. This supplies power to the electronic braking system and driving lights.
  2. Indicator/Brake/Tail Lights:
    • With the caravan connected to the towing vehicle, check that the indicator, brake, and tail lights are functioning properly.
  3. Emergency Break-Away System:
    • All Harvok® caravans are equipped with an electronic emergency break-away control system. This is a critical safety feature that automatically applies the brakes to the caravan in case it becomes unhitched from the towing vehicle.

To ensure the break-away system is working correctly, turn on the caravan’s power system. Check that the Break-Away is receiving power and in working condition by pressing the test button on the unit, located in the tunnel boot. The break-away system is powered by the caravan’s power system.

The emergency break-away system includes a battery monitor that tracks the battery’s State of Charge (SOC) from the towing vehicle cabin. Note that this component is mandatory for all trailers registered in NSW.

  1. Electrical:
    • Batteries: Make sure batteries are at an appropriate State of Charge (SOC) based on your travel plans. If you’re planning on free camping, ensure the batteries are adequately charged.
    • Refrigerator: While the mains power is on, turn on the refrigerator to cool it down before traveling and adding food.
  1. Wheels and Tyres:
    • Tyre pressures: Check the pressure and tread condition of all tyres, including the spare. Look for any cracks or punctures. The recommended tyre pressure is 50psi for the front wheels and 55psi for the rear wheels.
    • Wheel Nuts: If you haven’t checked your wheel nuts in a while, now is a good time to do so. Torque all the wheel nuts to 140 NM.
    • Hand-brake: Ensure the hand-brake engages and releases properly, and check for any corrosion or damage in the hand-brake and cable (green cable).
  1. Water Tanks:
    • Fill the clean water tank with fresh water and drain the grey water tank using the drain taps located on the side of the tanks beneath the trailer. Ensure the water tanks are at an appropriate level based on your travel plans. Note that it’s best to travel with either full or empty water tanks, as half-full tanks can cause the van to move around due to sloshing.
  1. External/Internal Fittings:
    • Awning: Roll up the awning and secure the awning arms using the Velcro travel straps.
    • Hatches/Windows/Cupboard doors, etc.: Check that all hatches, windows, cupboard doors, and other fittings are closed and securely fastened.

Adventure and a Positive Attitude: Remember to pack your adventure hat and maintain a positive attitude. Traveling can sometimes be stressful, especially when things don’t go as planned. Enjoy your travel adventure and embrace the journey with a positive mindset.

WindowsAll locked
CabinetsAll doors closed
Dining TableLoose items packed and table secured
Fridge / MicrowaveDoors closed
Kitchen benchInduction cooktop off, rangehood off, loose items packed
Shower / EnsuiteFan hatch closed and turned off, door screen closed, loose items secured
Washing MachinePolystyrene foam drum holder in place (Travelling without it may avoid the warranty)
Lights/Aircon/Water Heater/Water PumpAll turned OFF
KeysIn car
AwningRetracted, secured by straps
Front Window ShadeShut and locked
Hatches / Picnic TableAll shut and locked
Leg StabilisersAll 4 retracted
Tow Vehicle Hook UpTow pin locked, D-shackle chains connected, Breakaway safety cable connected, 12 pin plug connected, Jockey wheel retracted, Gas bottle valves off.  
Main Power CableRemoved and stowed
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