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How To Use Caravan Water Pump or Main Water Connector

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When do I need to turn on the water pump?

  1. When you arrive at your destination and want to use the taps, shower, or toilet facilities in your caravan.
  2. Before using any water-dependent appliances or fixtures, such as the sink, shower, or flushing the toilet.

Remember to turn off the water pump when you’re finished using the water or when you’re leaving the caravan unattended for an extended period. This helps conserve battery power and prevents any accidental leaks or water flow while you’re away.

Before turning on the Swift Hot Water Service in your caravan, it is essential to make sure the water pump is turned on and that there is an adequate water supply. This is crucial to prevent dry burning inside the hot water service, which is not covered under the Swift warranty.

Do I need to turn on the water pump to use the main water from caravan park?

If you have the caravan connect to main water, you don’t need to turn the water pump on. The main water will supply to all the caravan such as taps, shower, toilet, hot water service etc.,

Where do I connect the main water into the caravan and how it works?

The main water connection point is behind the driver side of wheel guard. it has a Snap-On quick connector ready to use.

The main water you connected to the caravan will not fill the water tanks, it will directly supply to the appliances. Water pump use the water in the water tank, main water will be directly supply.

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