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Hi Douglas,

We have just come back from a 5 week trip doing the Onddatta Track and Birdsville Track with our Harvok PowerBank Caravan. Speaking to numerous other caravan travelers, nearly all of them had some level of dust ingress. Even the Melbourn built full off-road van we were travelling with had more dust ingress than ours. We both used velcro stick on covers for all the vents.

I would probably speak to a caravan installer to see if they can fit a Carafan in place of the hatch above the bed, but I assume if they can install a Dometic DRS they should be able to do a Carafan – only difference is they will need to run wiring.

As per the Harvok reply above, we taped up the door seal and with the Velcro stick on covers and we were very impressed with our van, no dust ingress.  I did, as you will see on many You tube adventures, protect our pipe work and taps under our van with pool noodles.  As a comparison between the Harvok van and our friends van that we were travelling with, nothing broke on our van whilst their van had 2 broken windows, broken stabilizer leg and dust ingress they could not stop around the wheel arches.  Credit to Harvok.

Hope this Helps