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Hi, Tim

Thanks for sharing the picture of data, here is a solar diagnose chart for your power bank model

On sunny day
1. Solar array voltage – Above 80V (Good, no solar panels related issues), below (Check each panel individually to find which panel is under performance, each panel on yor van is Voc 10V)
2. LCD monitor on the inverter itself . Using up and own button go to “solar voltage” – Similar voltage like solar array  voltage on the roof  ( Good, the solar cable from roof to inverter is fine), significant different voltage drop (the cable from the solar panel going into the inverter need to be checked)
3. LEDs lights on the inverter. The “Solar” LED should lit up when the solar voltage above 65V. The MPPT module is faulty If is not on while the solar voltage above 65V

Let us know if  it helps