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Hi Doug,

We had one customer install the Dometic Dust Reduction System on their power bank, available at

We have not installed any carafan dust system yet. Can you share which dust extraction system you prefer? This may help other people choose the right option.

We have 5 cases in total regarding dust ingress, and they are all from the early Powerbank model (the 2020 model). Then we made improvements to the 2021 Powerbank model, and there have been no dust ingress feedbacks so far. The ingress was mainly from the door seal, vent, and hole where the cable goes into the van under the floor. We suggest owners check those places regularly to mitigate further dust ingress.

As you may be aware, we have gone to monocoque, which limits hundreds of joints that just put the water and dust ingress out of mind. Have a read here to know more about our monocoque construction:

Let us know if the answer helps, and you can share this with any platform that people may be interested in to continue answering their questions from their personal experiences.

Thank you,